Sealed Bid Auction


The properties for which the taxes were purchased by the Trustee and not redeemed within 2 1/2 years become deeded to the County. These properties are then offered thru a sealed bid auction, sometimes known as the Surplus Auction, held once a year.


The sealed bid auction is held sometime in the fall, generally in October.  Contact the County Treasurer’s Office at 618-664-0618 or by email to see when the auction will be.

Approximately 30 days before the due date for sealed bids, the list will be available along with instructions on how to make a sealed bid.  There is a fee, it was $4 in 2020, to get the booklet from the County Treasurer’s Office.

Please be sure and drive to the location of any property you are interested in, as the addresses listed in the booklet are not guaranteed.  Each property should have a sign on it.

There is a minimum bid which is listed in the booklet.

The sealed bids are sent to the Trustee’s Office where they are opened.  The Trustee’s Office will notify the winning bidders.  The process takes approximately 1 week.


Results from the Sealed Bid Auction can be seen at




This program benefits all the taxpayers and taxing districts of Bond County by returning these parcels to productivity, beautification, and active status on the tax rolls.


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